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It's true.  Sometimes we try to fit-in and get dressed up to go out to a nice restaurant.  But it doesn't always work out.  As equine vets we don't go anywhere without our Personal Emergency Communication Device.  We also don't go anywhere without a bag that contains our specialized superhero costume. (You can make yours here!)  Whether we're at that restaurant or sitting at home on the couch, inevitably, it's going to happen.  That Emergency Communication Device is going to go off, and we have to be ready to act.
It's happened to most of us at some point in our lives: that day when we are forced to make a decision to put one of our best companions to rest.  Whether it be to ease their suffering, or due to human or equine safety issues, the decision is never easy.  But once they are at peace, another problem arises - what to do with their remains.  Horses are large creatures and handling their bodies after death can be quite difficult.  Since this is often an emotional decision, it helps to know your options long before that time comes. 

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