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2024 Wellness Program

Our wellness program now includes 4 plans designed for horses with varying needs: Basic, Performance, Senior, and a new addition, Dental. In these bundled, discounted plans, we include thorough examinations, dentistry, essential vaccinations, and laboratory tests. These plans allow you to lock in a discounted rate for preventative care services and procedures, ensuring your horses get the best possible care throughout the year. These services can be scheduled anytime during 2024 after your horse is enrolled.

*Eligible enrollment period starts January 1st and ends March 15th. 

Basic Plan

This plan is designed for the backyard pleasure horse, and it covers all essential preventative care procedures and tests. A full physical exam with nutritional and parasite control consultation is included, as well as an ophthalmic exam. Oral exam with dentistry, core vaccinations, and two fecal egg counts are included as well

Performance Plan

This plan is designed for the traveling and/or performance horse. In addition to the items included in the Basic Plan, the Performance Plan includes a Coggins, a soundness exam, and bi-annual Rhino/Flu vaccinations. Additionally, we provide you with a health certificate.

Senior/Metabolic Plan

The Senior Plan includes everything from the Basic Plan, with additional bloodwork to screen/monitor for metabolic diseases such as Cushing’s and Insulin Resistance. (**If testing for the first time, TRH stimulation testing will be additional, however, it will be reduced by 10%.)

Dental Plan

This plan is for those horses with dental issues that may need more work or monitoring. A step up from the basic plan, this one includes an extra dental (with sedation) and oral radiographs at a significantly reduced rate ($150 savings alone!) If you have an older horse with dental needs, this is the plan you need.

Just Say “Plus”!

Also, add a Complete Blood Count and Chemistry to any plan by just saying “Plus”. For example, your Basic Wellness plan will become Basic Plus and we’ll be able to provide even more services for you! These blood tests have been discounted by 20% from the original price for this package only.

In addition:

1. Receive a $10 coupon for anything except call fees. This coupon does not expire so you can collect them year to year with continuous enrollment in our wellness program.

2. Wellness Program members receive a reduced rate emergency fee of $80. This is a savings over the normal emergency fee which is $100.

**Please note that we do not include all fees in our Wellness Plans due to their variability.

To enroll, please download the form below and read over the terms and conditions.

Then send it in or have it available at your next appointment.

Wellness 2024 Enrollment