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I have been using TPE for many years! Many of my friends use them for their horses. Matt and Ashley are very knowledgeable, professional , reasonable, and compassionate. Their staff are great too.

Deborah C

Awesome practice. I rescue and Twin Pines Dr. Matt has been super helpful treating my rescue horses to save their lives. It can be challenging because we have no history but Dr. Matt handles all of them with as little trauma as possible.

I am fortunate to have found a vet who truly knows and loves horses!

Judith B

Always come when we need them. Are very knowledgeable. Great Vets.

Bob W

Best vets I have ever worked with.

Sharon R

Excellent place customer service outstanding,

Ronda R

Great Vets and staff

Big Momma and Friends

Very supportive during critical care situations.

Secret Garden Farm CT!

Punctual, knowledgeable and nice. Had a service call to a barn for a horse terrified of needles.

Beth M

Met this woman tonight working on a horse and I'm blown away and how good she stitched this horse up she was amazing

Marc M

IF I COULD GIVE THEM MORE STARS I WOULD THEY ARE 10 OUT OF 10 I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND, unpleasant/dramatic/know-it-all horse people NEED NOT APPLY though, these vets do not deserve the headache.

These veterinarians, the techs, everyone in the office are the best in the Northeast and if you are LUCKY ENOUGH to be in their area you should have them NO MATTER WHAT!!!! I would trust Dr. Matt or Dr. Ashley above Tufts ANY AND EVERY DAY!!!!

If they told me they had to put ME down, I wouldn't even blink or hesitate; go dig a hole, I don't need a second opinion.

In January definitely get the wellness plan ((it is worth every penny)).

If I could pay for them to come out to Western New York state with me I would; honestly, I considered NOT moving because of having to leave these guys back here.

Hands down the kindest, most experienced, most knowledgeable team I have ever met. My horse ((Dream)) was a NIGHTMARE for the vet and in not even two visits Dr. Ashley could give her shots, take blood ANYTHING with her.

If anyone has ever had a bad experience with them, the problem wasn't them it was absolutely you.

It's best to come to terms with that.

Lynne D
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